Different Types of Robot Vacuums

Buying home gadget is easy as long as you have views and considerations before you buy. When you have ideas on what to buy, you will get it quickly. The most common problem in choosing best robot vacuum cleaner is that homeowners tend to focus on price, and they dont even think about the features and the types. Different type also comes with different feature. Even, one brand could have so many types of robot vacuum. What makes them different is just the feature that can change the price also. Don’t ever think that the expensive robot vacuum always determines better quality. Not all expensive vacuums are good. It really depends on the quality and features. You may say that some of good vacuums are expensive, it is because they really bring sophisticated technology for the vacuum, but there are also few expensive vacuum that even does not come with proper features. It is sad because price does not come along with quality. That is you have to pick the right robot vacuum. You have to consider the size, on how big your room is, how often you will clean and more. You have to consider many things to avoid any regret in the future. If you want to make it right, you have to understand the basic thing first before you choose the best one. The basic thing you have to know before it is different types of robot vacuums you can choose.

Basic robot vacuum cleaner

The first type we have to understand is the basic robot vacuum cleaner. It is called basic, medium and advanced because of the feature. We could call it basic, because the features and technology are so basic and you don’t need to worry about budget for other features attachment. Usually the basic robot vacuum only comes with basic cleaning and remote control. It is not auto-pilot, all you have to do is to navigate and control the vacuum through remote control. What makes it good is the price that usually comes with affordable one. If you urgently need this, you don’t need to save to be able to buy just because of the affordable price.

Medium-advanced robot vacuum cleaner

The second type of robot vacuum is medium-advanced. The medium one usually comes with better feature and of course it could raise the efficiency. You could simply navigate the robot vacuum through your phone. You could sit and chill while you are cleaning your house using robot vacuum cleaner. Another feature that is usually attached to the medium robot vacuum cleaner is cleaning report. Although most of them also come with app, but not all robot vacuums are comprehensive. The cons that come in this robot is the battery life that is indeed shorter than the basic one. It only could stay like 70 minutes or less than 100 minutes due to the battery capacity.

Advanced robot vacuum cleaner

If we could say that there is issue on battery life for the medium robot vacuum cleaner, then it is worse in advanced robot vacuum. The reason is simple, more features require more power to get maximum result. You don’t need to think about navigation, but simply make a schedule and set the navigation for certain rooms. First, you need to set up where the robot vacuum will go and how it moves. Second, you need to make schedule to do regular cleaning. Another feature that could be found in advanced robot vacuum is the camera. Most of them come with 360 camera that allows you to have clean details so you won’t miss anything or any dirt in your house.

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