2018 Infant Car Seat Review: Should Parents Buy The Chicco KeyFit?

The Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat is quite popular among organizations and parents alike and for many good reasons. It comes with several features that will benefit both the baby and parents. It’s an impressive option for anyone looking for an affordable quality safety seat for their babies. The KeyFit is easy to install with a LATCH system that’s simple to use. Moreover, it fared better in crash tests compared to most of its competitors. Although it may not be the best choice for some families, especially those who are always going to the city as it’s a bit heavy, it’s still worth considering because of its price.
Chicco KeyFit 30 Colors
Key Features and Specifications

Dimensions: 17 in width, 26 in height (top handlebar to base)
Carrier Weight: 9.6 lbs
Height and Weight Limitations: 30 in, 4 to 30 lbs
Shoulder Height: 6 to 11.5 in
Five-point harness
Pne-pull for loosening and tightening strap
Both base sides come with bubble indicators
Thick padding and the seat cover is machine-washable
It includes an infant insert to provide extra support for small babies
The carrier shell is lined with energy-absorbing foam

How Easy Is It To Install?
Getting the right safety for your newborn can be stressful, especially if you’re a first-time parent. Chicco designed the KeyFit 30 in such a way that parents can install it accurately and efficiently every time.
Installing this infant car seat is quite straightforward and easy. It has a simple manual with easy-to-follow diagrams and the labels on the carrier and base makes it easy for parents to see where everything should go. The seat’s base can be installed using your vehicle’s seat belt or UAS connectors, whichever you think will provide the most solid fit in your car. It comes with bubble indicators on both sides of its base to ensure that it is within the necessary range.
Its LATCH system on the other hands is a breeze to connect. Just push the UAS connectors onto your car’s anchors, and once you hear a distinct click, the seat is secure and attached firmly to its base. Tightening this will normally require some muscle strength but with the Chicco KeyFit one-pull loosening and tightening strap, pulling it straight up is simple. The company also offers the base on its own for those who regularly switched vehicles.
As mentioned, this seat passed crash tests with flying colors compared to others available in the market today. It even tested higher for head injuries than the national safety standards. Your baby will get excellent protection in case of a car crash thanks to its EPS energy-absorbing foam and plenty of body and head support features. The five-point safety harness will snap securely together. You can loosen and tighten it smoothly as well.
The KeyFit 30 is also highly recommended by NICU nurses because of its infant insert inclusion which will give smaller and premature babies an added protection layer. This infant safety seat is FAA compliant, making it the best choice for families who are always traveling.
Vehicle models do not come in the same design. However, this car seat’s ReclineSure spring-loaded leveling system will help you adjust its fit in various back seat designs on the majority of cars. The bubble level indicators will help ease your mind knowing that the base is in the proper angle, while the SuperCinch LATCH system will provide a tight and secure fit with just a simple pull.

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Consider Saving More on Buying Infant Car Seats Less than $100

As you try searching for the best infant car seats to keep your kids safe when riding in your car, you’ll find a huge variety of options to consider. However, if you’re on a tight budget you’d actually want to obtain access to seats that are more affordable but are safe enough for your kids to stay on while traveling with you.
Since your major concern here is looking for the safest options for your kids, it’s absolutely an advantage for you to try obtaining access to the best infant car seat through reviews online and might as well check out your affordable choices.

Tina Sugandh (@tinasugandh) Oct 14, 2017 5:39 PDT

Now, probably you’re wondering if it’s appropriate to look for cheaper carriers in the market. Well, as long as the car seat meets the safety needs and the comfort of your child whether it’s an expensive or a cheap seat, you’re absolutely not going to regret having one installed in your car to keep you baby safe.

Consider a Couple of Best Buy and Affordable Options
Here are some of the more affordable options you may want to look into and have them installed in your car as soon as possible:

Graco SnugRide 30
Graco SnugRide 30
If you’re currently searching for a cheaper but an ultra-lightweight option for these infant seats, you can absolutely opt for this Graco model. It’s not only a safer option for a seat for your child but also one that is cozy enough to keep the child comfortable throughout the whole traveling time.
Here’s why you should opt for it:

It features the Click Connect technology which makes it a popular choice for parents nowadays.
Safety and security wise it exceeds the US standards for car seats.
As an energy management feature, its foam is made from EPS for energy absorption.

If this is your first time to shop for your newborn’s car seat, you’ll find this model one of the best options for you to look upon. When it comes to security and comfort, this Graco seat will surely make it worth your time and your money to spend.

Safety 1st onBoard 35 LT
Safety 1st onBoard 35 LT
Another best buy for you is a seat that is known for its superior safety features and its superior fit for traveling parents.
Here’s why you should opt for it:

For added safety features the harness and buckles as they are designed to fit babies weighing from 4 pounds to 30 pounds.
In case you want to maximize the use of this seat, the good news is that you can easily attach it to a Quick Click stroller and convert it to a travel system.
It’s also lightweight which makes it one of the popular options for parents who travel a lot.

With these fantastic security features as well as this model’s added convenience, you can assure that the seat you’re installing in your car is worth the money you’ll be spending.

These are only two of the most popular and affordable seats that you can get for your little one to ensure your child’s safety while traveling. These brands are both priced less than $100 and are surely worth the money and time spent to get the seats installed in your vehicle to keep your babies secured.

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Top-Rated Car Seat for Infants – What to Opt For

There’s nothing more exciting than being able to see your first baby and bring the child to your cozy home to start spending precious and memorable time with this little angel. Well, if you opt to drive your first born baby home safely, you need to get your car ready by installing top-rated car seat for infants in your car. There are various top rated US infant car seats 2016/2017 that you can look into. But before you start searching, here are some things for you to take into consideration.
When looking for a top-rated car seat for infants or new born babies you’ll have to ensure that such baby equipment is reliable enough to keep your child safe and that your baby can get as much comfort it needs when sitting on it while you are driving your car. Keep in mind that you yourself have a seatbelt to keep you in place in any sudden collision or road accident so, your little angel will definitely a seat that doesn’t only comply with road safety for kids but is comfortable enough for your child while you drive to your destination.
Since protecting the infant is the main reason why parents or even guardians will opt for the perfect child safety seats, it is essential that one should look into the protective features of this type of baby equipment. The perfect child safety seats include safety features such as energy absorbing foam which can easily absorb any impact, side impact shields, connecting latches, as well as a 5 point harness that will keep the child in place from time to time. It is definitely sensible to consider looking for anything that indicates that the seat you will be purchasing passed the requirements for safety standards.

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Now these top rated seats will not be considered a favorite if they’re only meant for protecting the babies. One of the major reasons why parents would opt for the top ranking ones is that they have been proven to function for the safety of the kids and at the same time allowing the parents to easily customize the seats to be installed in their car. Some infant seats would feature availability in different designs and colors while some would have additional support and add ons for your baby’s added comfort. However, the most important thing of all is that the infant seat should be compatible and easy to install in your car.

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Different Types of Robot Vacuums

Buying home gadget is easy as long as you have views and considerations before you buy. When you have ideas on what to buy, you will get it quickly. The most common problem in choosing best robot vacuum cleaner is that homeowners tend to focus on price, and they dont even think about the features and the types. Different type also comes with different feature. Even, one brand could have so many types of robot vacuum. What makes them different is just the feature that can change the price also. Don’t ever think that the expensive robot vacuum always determines better quality. Not all expensive vacuums are good. It really depends on the quality and features. You may say that some of good vacuums are expensive, it is because they really bring sophisticated technology for the vacuum, but there are also few expensive vacuum that even does not come with proper features. It is sad because price does not come along with quality. That is you have to pick the right robot vacuum. You have to consider the size, on how big your room is, how often you will clean and more. You have to consider many things to avoid any regret in the future. If you want to make it right, you have to understand the basic thing first before you choose the best one. The basic thing you have to know before it is different types of robot vacuums you can choose.
Basic robot vacuum cleaner
The first type we have to understand is the basic robot vacuum cleaner. It is called basic, medium and advanced because of the feature. We could call it basic, because the features and technology are so basic and you don’t need to worry about budget for other features attachment. Usually the basic robot vacuum only comes with basic cleaning and remote control. It is not auto-pilot, all you have to do is to navigate and control the vacuum through remote control. What makes it good is the price that usually comes with affordable one. If you urgently need this, you don’t need to save to be able to buy just because of the affordable price.
Medium-advanced robot vacuum cleaner
The second type of robot vacuum is medium-advanced. The medium one usually comes with better feature and of course it could raise the efficiency. You could simply navigate the robot vacuum through your phone. You could sit and chill while you are cleaning your house using robot vacuum cleaner. Another feature that is usually attached to the medium robot vacuum cleaner is cleaning report. Although most of them also come with app, but not all robot vacuums are comprehensive. The cons that come in this robot is the battery life that is indeed shorter than the basic one. It only could stay like 70 minutes or less than 100 minutes due to the battery capacity.
Advanced robot vacuum cleaner
If we could say that there is issue on battery life for the medium robot vacuum cleaner, then it is worse in advanced robot vacuum. The reason is simple, more features require more power to get maximum result. You don’t need to think about navigation, but simply make a schedule and set the navigation for certain rooms. First, you need to set up where the robot vacuum will go and how it moves. Second, you need to make schedule to do regular cleaning. Another feature that could be found in advanced robot vacuum is the camera. Most of them come with 360 camera that allows you to have clean details so you won’t miss anything or any dirt in your house.

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