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Travel is an integral part of ACCESS, and there are few better ways to see the world than through an ACCESS travel program.

We have a special interest in reaching out with our members to communities around the world to build long-lasting bridges and effectively engage in global diplomacy.
During these trips, delegations meet with politicians and government officials, American and Israeli diplomats, Jewish community activists, leaders of other minority groups, and important journalists and opinion-makers within that country.  As a rule, the groups also perform hands-on community service projects to benefit the local community and better understand the policy decisions facing the country and their ramifications.

Recent delegations have travelled to Argentina, Ethiopia, Germany, Austria, India, Israel, Rwanda, South Africa, UAE and Switzerland and domestically to New Orleans, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.  These missions are often held in conjunction with major UN and other multilateral conferences.

Please visit our Picasa albums to see more pictures of ACCESS trips and events.

Stay tuned for further information on upcoming safaty trips for infant.

2013 travel opportunities are:

AJC-Allianz Third Generation Initiative to Germany
       June 6-16
AJC and Allianz SE, in cooperation with Germany Close-Up, have embarked on a 5-year groundbreaking cooperation to bring young American Jewish professionals on an annual study trip to Germany along with German peers working at Allianz. Together, this unique group will explore German-Jewish history, including corporate history during World War II, and will meet with top-level government representatives, business leaders, scholars, and leaders of the German Jewish community.

Join us for this unique week-plus-Shabbat experience which will focus on the German past and present and challenges and opportunities in the German-Jewish relationship today and in the future. Participants will be encouraged to become active participants in the ongoing German-Jewish relationship.

Get more information on the trip and how to apply here.

Austria trip with the Jewish Welcome Service in Vienna
      June 24 – July 1
ACCESS will partner with the Jewish Welcome Service for the second time to offer a vitally important opportunity for a new generation of Jews and Austrians to engage in an active dialogue about difficult and historic issues and their temporary resonance in today’s political landscape.

Get more information on the trip and how to apply  here.

Student trip to Germany in cooperation with Germany Close-Up
Aug. 11-22
The program will enable participants to experience Berlin’s multicultural life, visit former East Germany, the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and experience other key historical sites and other cultural venues. It will be focusing in particular on political and diplomatic aspects of the German-Jewish, German-American and German-Israeli relationship.

Please check back for more information on the trip and application.

ACCESS / Interreligious to Germany
       Nov. 2-10
AJC ACCESS and AJC’s Department of Interreligious and Intergroup Relations will partner with Germany Close Up. The trips are designed as an exposure to a myriad of facets that form modern Germany, with both the past and present in focus. All the trips cover issues of Germany’s terrible past and its efforts to deal with the memory of the Holocaust and the Nazi terror up to this very day.  The GCU program considers Germany’s transformation in the last 60 years into a modern, reunified, and democratic country in the heart of the European Union, home to the third-fastest growing Jewish community worldwide.

In addition to the overarching themes of all GCU trips, this program focuses, in part, on religion and politics in modern Germany. Today’s Germany is confronting the societal and political challenges of identity and integration in a country where traditional Christian religious influence is waning even as the Muslim and  Jewish communities have experienced dramatic growth.

Additionally, the program will focus on the following topics:

  • Berlin and united Germany
  • The Holocaust and the Nazi era, including a visit to a former concentration camp
  • Transatlantic/German-American relations, including a meeting with officials of the German Federal Foreign Office
  • German-Israeli relations, as well as the way Israel is otherwise perceived in Germany
  • Jewish Berlin, present and past, including the integration of new members of the Jewish community
  • a visit to the Berlin office of AJC
  • Meeting with Jewish and non-Jewish young German contemporaries

Please check back for more information on the trip and application.

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