To Lead a Jewish Life: Education for Living Part 1

To Lead a Jewish Life: Education for Living Part 1

This program investigates the mechanisms Judaism has used for generations to disseminate knowledge and forge a solid connection to one’s heritage. Featuring a Solomon Schechter day school, and Camp Ramah Darom in Georgia, plus commentary from Jewish educational leaders. Produced in 2005 Coproduced with Catman & Mary.

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Money Matters: Jewish Business Ethics

Money Matters: Jewish Business Ethics

Join us this January for “Wisdom of the Ages on Today’s Economic Crisis,” a new six-week course on Jewish Business Ethics from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute.

Money Matters, presents timeless Talmudic wisdom on real-world ethical quandaries.

This course will call into question your business theories, challenge your assumptions, and help you gain clarity on the values that matter to you.

Topics include: insider trading, living wages, personal bankruptcy, CEO compensation, and freeloading.

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Soulmates: Jewish Secrets to Meaningful Relationships

Soulmates: Jewish Secrets to Meaningful Relationships

Two Halves, One Whole
The Cosmic Root of Love

Is love as simple as mutual chemistry, or is there something more than the force of attraction that connects two people? Is marriage really necessary, if we can reap its benefits without entering into a life-long commitment? What is the true definition of a “soulmate,” and how does this impact our relationship? This fascinating lesson uncovers the mystical root of love and marriage according to Jewish thought.

Jewish Secrets to Meaningful Relationships

Romantics of all ages have waxed poetic on the notion of “soulmates,” seeking to grasp what makes love and passion so potent, what drives the inexplicable magnetism between two people, and what makes true love last. Yet millennia of Jewish text and tradition are rich with insights on this very topic, from the mystical and spiritual to the no-nonsense and practical. Whether you are currently married, considering someday tying the knot, or simply seek to better understand the spiritual root of love and marriage, Soulmates is a seven-session course drawing on timeless Jewish wisdom that will forever change how you think about the important relationship in your life, in all its beauty and complexity.

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