We live in an increasingly interconnected world. And, AJC is uniquely qualified to provide a global response to critical issues facing the Jewish people, Israel, and the world today.

AJC works in over 100 countries through intensive outreach to top decision-makers and diplomats. We also build effective relationships within communities across the U.S., in the nations capital, and in over 100 countries.

AJCs profound vision for a more just world for all is realized through our ability to engage U.S. and world leaders:

  • Internationally, we affect global policies and attitudes by engaging the worlds political, religious, and ethnic leaders, and by accessing global media.
  • Nationally, we advocate for human rights and for the peace and security of Israel before Congress and other national institutions.
  • Regionally, we build relationships with public officials, and local representatives of foreign governments to create diverse coalitions, and mobilize the Jewish community.