Advocacy for a new generation: ACCESS

A younger generation is increasingly shaping public opinion and policy around the world.
We think it’s crucially important that Jewish voices participate in the conversation.

ACCESS positions young Jewish professionals at the forefront of this engagement.
We empower members to engage on Israel, Iran and the greater Middle East,
and on challenges to civility, tolerance 
and democracy globally,
and to do so in a way that is thoughtful and effective.

Through private meetings, conferences, targeted travel, and a global blog, we:

INFORM with up-to-date information and analysis and by sharing data and hands-on training

on how to communicate effectively with diverse audiences;

ENGAGE key opinion-makers and facilitate meaningful bridge building, advocacy and long-term

Finally, we build VISION by creating open spaces to share our hopes and by convening
intergenerational dialogues with senior leaders about the future of our community and our world.